Moray is a great place to live and work but so many of our young people leave the area and don’t return.


Schemes like Career Ready Moray and DYW Moray help local businesses showcase the wide range of careers available in Moray.


The Training Folk are proud to be involved in both these schemes.




One of Hazel’s past mentee’s is pictured here during his paid work experience at Breedon. The Career Ready scheme gives students an internship at their mentor’s workplace half way through the 2 year period. This gives them a real confidence boost and a real insight into working life.




Both Hazel and Laura have delivered Masterclasses to Career Ready students over the 2017 to 2019 cohorts.

Hazel is part of the DYW Construction sector group.  This involves creating events and experiences for all school age children across Moray.

Getting involved in these events while at school gives the pupils a real insight in to possible careers.

This here is Andrew MacIver. Andrew has joined through the government Kickstarter scheme and will be with us for the next 6 months.

Andrew will be doing all things marketing, from running our social media accounts to updating our website frequently.

We are delighted to have Andrew on board and he is already settling in nicely!

Here is what Andrew had to say in his own words about his start with us so far;

“I am delighted to be given this opportunity to showcase and improve on my marketing skills. After graduating from university, not long after the lockdown was put into place, there wasn’t much going on in regards to work, especially in the field of marketing. I was fortunate enough to get a number of marketing internship that helped me enhance my skillset but I still struggled to find paid marketing work. I am very grateful that Hazel and Laura have taken me onboard through the Kickstarter scheme. The moment I started at The Training Folk, they have been nothing but kind and helpful to me. I know how valuable and hard to come by paid work for young folk is right now, especially in my line of work. So I will be sure to make the most of this great opportunity. I am sure there will be plenty of updates from me as I continue my adventure with Hazel & Laura in the weeks and months to come.”

Andrew has know been with us a month and so we asked him to write about his time here with us so far;

“I am really enjoying my time here at The Training Folk and can’t believe it’s been a month already! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. I love the challenges this job offers me, it allows me to keep improving on my current skillset whilst also learning new skills at the same time. Hazel & Laura have been great, very supportive, so I know that I can always go to them if I’m not sure about something.” 

Andrew has been undertaking various marketing courses and had a few words to say on how he has been enjoying them;

“Hazel & Laura have been amazing in making sure I am keeping up to date on my marketing knowledge by putting me through various courses, such as email marketing and SEO courses. These courses aren’t only vital in improving my skills while undertaking this role but will go along way in helping me in future marketing careers.”

Andrew has now almost completed his six month kickstart scheme with us. So we thought we’d ask him his final thoughts on his time with us, new skills he has learned along the way, and his future plans;  

“I have loved my time at The Training Folk and feel I’ve achieved a lot within the short time I’ve been here. I still have over a month to go I so hope to achieve more. I’ve been working on a few things so hopefully they will be posted on to our socials in the next coming days and weeks. In terms of new skills, I’ve already mentioned doing work behind the scenes on our website, that was all new to me coming into this job. One thing that I would say was a massive learning curve was working from home. Now I have had roles in the past were I’ve worked from home but never for this length of time. You need to be very disciplined or else your work ethic will be greatly affected. Once you get that discipline working from home can have multiple benefits, you just need to get that balance first. As for my future plans, I will continue working, improving on what I’ve learnt over the years since I began my journey in marketing. I may also look at continuing my studies in the form of doing my masters in the future but we shall see. Lastly I’d like to thank Hazel & Laura for all the support they’ve given me, they have been the best! Nothing but kind to me and have given me this great opportunity.”  

Young Persons Guarantee
The Training Folk are delighted to be Moray’s first employer to be supporting the #YoungPersonsGuarantee.
Find out more about the young persons guarantee on the DYW website –…/The-Young-Persons-Guarantee…
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